DOJ Pride update

A few quick but exciting updates:

  1. OPM directed FEHB coverage of transgender transition-related health services beginning January 1, 2016.  This is a big deal, and completes the reversal of a prior OPM position that prohibited coverage.  More info in this Buzzfeed article.
  2. The Supreme Court’s Obergefell marriage equality decision is imminent:  the Court will hand down its final seven decisions of the term on Thursday 6/25, Friday 6/26, and Monday 6/29.  Fun (and prescient?) tidbit:  Lawrence and Windsor came down on June 26 of 2003 and 2013, respectively.
  3. Pride watch:
    1. The USAO for the District of NJ celebrated Pride last Friday with a discussion of NJ’s road to marriage equality featuring two of the named plaintiffs in the case, US Attorney Larry Lustberg, and AUSA Michael Campion.  More info in this press release.
    2. The Department of Labor celebrated Pride yesterday by inducting Frank Kameny into the DOL Hall of Fame.  More info in this press release.  #ThankFrank
    3. DEA celebrated Pride yesterday with a keynote by Kristin Beck.
    4. The USAO for the Northern District of OH will celebrate Pride this weekend by marching in the Cleveland Pride parade.
    5. The US Marshals Service will celebrate Pride next Tuesday, June 30, with a brown bag with Earl D. Fowlkes, Jr., the President and CEO of the Center for Black Equity, as well as the Chair of the Democratic National Committee’s LGBT Caucus.  The brown bag begins at 12pm in DC Superior Court conference room C-600.

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