2019 LGBTQ+ History Month Event: Pulse Nightclub Mass Shooting—Leveraging Diversity to Aid Victims

On October 24, 2019, DOJ Pride collaborated with the FBI, JMD, and EOUSA to present an LGBTQ+ History Month program at the Main Justice building in Washington, DC. The program focused on a team of FBI employees who were deployed to Orlando, Florida in 2016 to serve as liaisons to help survivors, family members, and loved ones heal after the Pulse nightclub shooting.  ATF Acting Deputy Director Regina Lombardo delivered keynote remarks.  The panel discussion provided an inspiring look back at outreach efforts led by LGBTQ+ Department employees that aided the healing process for a community in mourning. The event was broadcast live on JTN (Justice Television Network).  Photographer: Eli Alford

ATF Acting Deputy Director Regina Lombardo
David Cotton-Zinn (FBI) moderated the panel discussion.
DOJ Pride Vice President David Heath
Kimberly Poyer, FBI Section Chief, Victim Services Division

DH Welcome and Introduction of Regina Lombardo

REVISED - LGBTQ Orlando Outreach Team Panel Flyer - October 24, 2019

2017 DOJ Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Pride Month Program-Wednesday, June 28, 2017

2011-2012 DOJ Pride Board of Directors

Not pictured: Melissa Schraibman and Bijal Shah

2010 DOJ Pride Board of Directors

DOJ Pride Bowling
DOJ Pride on Ice